What are the uses of Paracords?

Posted by Major Cord on Jul 10, 2011

With all of the hype about Paracord Survival Bracelets, what literally is a survival bracelet? In it’s most basic form it’s a single piece of 550 Type III paracord woven into a bracelet. Just like any product you can find many interpretations of design and quality of the product.

The paracord differs from manufacturer to manufacturer with the very best quality commonlybeing considered as US military specification paracord. This United states reputation for manufacturing the best quality paracord is generally because of  the fact that American manufacturers need to conform to design specifications outlined by the US military (MIL-C-5040). With the construction of the paracord bracelet defined you can see that if you find yourself in a situation that demands some cordage simply unbraid the bracelet and you’ve got one continuous ten foot piece of cord.

So exactly what are the numerous uses of paracord? The answer is virtually anything and everything mostly limited by a persons creativity to use the product. Busted shoe laces up a mountain? The outer sheath makes fantastic boot laces and will most likely outlive the originals that came with the shoes or boots. Need some quick thread? The inner cores are great for improvised fishing line or first aid. Need a few whipping for a tarp shelter? Once again take out the the inner strands and you have just about all the cord that you need! Need to fix the Space Shuttle on it’s second mission (No certainly not a joke, paracord was in fact used to repair the Space Shuttle in 1997).

It sounds a bit absurd but paracord is so useful for replacing almost everything that it is even now used in space. Back on earth a busted gear strap in your kayak, getting a field repair to your backpack or making an improvised rope for your bear bag… the list goes on and on.

Paracord is outlined within almost all survival kits today. Mainly due to it being one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can easily take to the field. It’s light, extremely strong and very compact. The sheath is braided from 32 strands and the inner strands are constructed up of 7 two-ply yarns. Paracord survival bracelets have been in use by both military / police units and civilians throughout the world.

Although the paracord bracelets have a common weave it is possible to create numerous different designs. Two colour, three and even four colors can be woven into a paracord bracelet with the options of a buckle or knot(s) to secure around the wrist.

It’s difficult to imagine making a survival kit or preparing an outdoor hike / trip without including paracord. The Paracord Survival Bracelet is among the most versatile and useful ways to always be well prepared!

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