How to tie a two strand diamond knot paracord lanyard

Posted by Major Cord on Mar 08, 2013

Back for another Paracord Porjects, How to tie a two strand diamond knot paracord lanyard. This a basic style lanyard with a knot on the end.

This video is from WeaversofEternity on YouTube. The audio and video quality is superb with a step by step instructions leading you all the way to create this lanyard.

Although tying the knot itself is confusing at first, you might want to watch this repeatedly to get things right. Be sure to follow the instruction on how to adjust the knot just in case you ended up with a bigger excess cord.

Playing with the knot itself can help you achieve a nicer look if yours ended up a little sloppy. And don’t forget to pull tightly when you are happy with the length.

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