TIP: Another way to finish or close the knot on your paracord projects

Posted by Major Cord on Jun 20, 2011

Almost all our Paracord Projects require melting or burning the ends to close of finish the knots. This usually leaves a bulk on the end and most of the time we end up flattening the melting parts with our fingers or something else.

Here’s a simply tip to finish your Paracord Projects off. This still involves melting but in a different way. Instead of melting or burning the ends of our paracord projects, try heating a butter knife or spatula over a candle or any open flame. Once heated carefully brush it on the end of your paracord projects causing the paracord to melt.

Keep heating and brushing until your finished off the whole end. Notice that the melted part used with a heated butter knife looks better than those melted directly on the flame. This method is best for those who uses their paracord projects for decorative purposes as it eliminates the ugly melted bulk.

I hope this tip will come in handy for all of us. See you again next time!

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