How to tie a paracord hangman’s noose knot

Posted by Major Cord on Sep 24, 2011

Ok now we’re back with an easy Paracord Projects, How to tie a paracord hangman’s noose knot. This is a well known knot that is used for hanging your head (kidding aside). Well actually there are plenty of uses for this knot.

This video is from paintballhead03 on youtube. Video quality is not that clear but the process is very easy to follow and the video quality is enough to see how the method goes. Audio quality is fine as well.

I use this knot if I want to hold on to something and give a stronger grip as I pull the rope. This knot is also used in the ancient time or whatever to hang their head. But there are more uses for this knot than its original use.

As the author mentioned, I’m also not responsible to any harm this know might cause. This is for educational purpose and nothing more.

This is a very easy project, I’m very sure you’ll get it right the first try.

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