How to make a quick no braid paracord lanyard

Posted by Major Cord on Jun 16, 2011

It’s time again for another Paracord Projects, a very quick no braid paracord lanyard. When I say quick, I really mean quick. You can finish this paracord projects in a minute or so.

This video is from demissie101 on youtube. The video is very clear and the instructions are eary to follow as well. This is another simple project which newbies will really really love. And the fact that it is usefeul too. The process involves wrapping around, but not in your fingers anymore. This time you’ll wrap the paracord to the paracord itself.

You can attach this lanyard to a variey of stuff and it is also easy to remove as well. So if you need to quickly demonstrate another use for paracord, this one is a winner.

In this project we will be needing:

A paracord (duh!)
A knife for cutting
A lighter for burning the ends

You can also tie the ends into a knot. Make sure you pull them tightly to get rid of the bulkiness of the knot.

So tell me, how long did it actually took you to finish the Paracord Projects quick no braid paracord lanyard?

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