How to make a one piece continuous survival bracelet without braiding

Posted by Major Cord on Jun 18, 2011

Now it’s time for another no braid Paracord Projects, a one piece continuous survival bracelet without braiding. This is a neat bracelet for those who actually uses their survival bracelet other than wearing it. It easily unwinds and to wind back to a survival bracelet.

The video is from seanmulhall on youtube. The video is clear as well as the instructions. The video is originally 6 minutes but I stripped of the parts not relevant to the topic.

This survival bracelet is easy to make but might take a little time building. Unwinding is a breeze as well, you will only need to cut the melted part of the survival bracelet.

For this Paracord Projects we will need:
Atleast 10-12 ft or paracord
A lighter for burning the closure

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