How to make a paracord strap holder

Posted by Major Cord on Jan 06, 2012

Today’s Paracord Projects, How to make a strap holder. This is a very simple problem we face most of the time from our backpack, belt bag or any other stuff we carry around with straps. Imagine an extra strap hanging around, flinging left and right as we move.

This video is from FrikinTastik on Youtube. The video is very clear though no audio instructions. But the method is very simple thus there is no need for audio instructions anymore.

I always face this problem on my backpacks, and it is quite annoying at times when the straps get in the way. Sometimes it get stuck at certain things and I have to pull it out just to carry on with what I’m currently doing.

This is a great Paracord Projects for those scrap paracord you have and extremely helpful. A great fix indeed for life’s small quirks.

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