How to make a paracord hat band

Posted by Major Cord on Aug 04, 2011

For today’s Paracord Projects, we will try to learn how to make a paracord hat band. This is a neat project you can do with your hat and yes, it does look cool.

This video is from gorzinplatz on youtube. The video is clear and the audio instructions as well. The process requires you to braid the paracord but I believe you can also use the cobra weave method instead.

To finish the paracord hat band in this video, a bead was used. If you don’t have one (like me) you can use a lanyard stopper, cord lock, lace stopper or just finish it off with a nice knot. It’s time to use your creativity.

I made one with a cobra weave and finished it off with a knot like with what we did on the survival bracelet and achieved a nice result.

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