How to store paracord without tangles (No tangle paracord storage)

Posted by Major Cord on Jul 04, 2011

Our Paracord Projects for today, how to store paracord without tangles. This is a real pain in dealing with paracords, how to keep them tidy so it won’t tangle. Now you can store your paracords without worrying about the headache of untangling.

This video is from SFHndymn on youtube. The video is clear as well as the audio instructions. With step by step process which is very easy to follow. The repetition of the steps made also helps to understand the process better.

This is one of my major problem with my paracords and I actually did the same thing with my other paracords. I believe we can also use the same process to build a strap for other stuff as well.

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One Response to “How to store paracord without tangles (No tangle paracord storage)”

  1. jesse said...

    I do that witg my headphone cables. It’s just crochet.

    March 20, 2012

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