How to join two pieces of paracords together by melting

Posted by Major Cord on Jul 30, 2011

With today’s Paracord Projects, we will try how to join two pieces of paracords together. This method involves melting the paracord’s end to join them together.

This video is from wishbone1138 on youtube. The video is very clear as well as the audio instructions. Close up shot for a better view of the process. The steps are definitely easy to follow and implement on your own.

This technique is also used for making two colors of Paracord survival bracelet and other paracord projects. Let me remind you that I have also posted a video on how to make a two color paracord bracelet without sewing or melting which is also easy to make.

I think paracords joined using this method is rather strong but nothing compared to the strength of the unaltered paracord so choose your method wisely.

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    […] are already melted or joined together. If you have no idea on how to do that, please watch the How to join paracords together by melting video […]

    February 8, 2013

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