How to coil a paracord

Posted by Major Cord on Jul 18, 2011

Major Cord here, we are back with another Paracord Projects, how to coil a paracord. This is just a simple way on how to keep your paracord nice and tidy at all times.

This video is from HedgehogLeatherworks on youtube. The video is clear as usual, as well as the audio instructions. The process is failry simple and very easy to follow. You can also save a lot of time and space maintaining and keeping your paracords. Not to mention the headache with untangling a messed up paracord.

I really like this method. It’s very simple fast and nothing really fancy about the procedure. I believe it is important to keep our cordage tidy specially when we go out and you don’t know when you’re gonna need your paracord.

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