How to turn your paracord bracelet from Cobra weave to King Cobra weave

Posted by Major Cord on Feb 06, 2012

And we’re back for another Paracord Projects, How to turn your paracord bracelet from cobra weave to King Cobra weave. A very simple paracord project for your existing paracord survival bracelet.

This video is from theTenaciousZ on youtube. The video is clear and the audio instructions are clear and easy to follow as well. The process is pretty simple; you will just create another layer of paracord to your existing cobra weave. And yes of course, you must know how to do the cobra weave.

This is a pretty slick method, not only it gives you extra cordage. At times you need your cord, you don’t have to unravel your whole survival bracelet. You can just take off the outer layer and you still have your old survival bracelet intact. Then braid back another layer on your free time to turn it to a king cobra weave again. Pretty neat huh?

This can also add up to the aesthetic value of your survival bracelet if the right color is chosen. This also makes the survival bracelet thicker and gives it a two color tone. I would recommend a darker second layer. Just like the one on the video.

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