How to make a no buckle curling millipede paracord survival bracelet

Posted by Major Cord on May 29, 2017

After a deep slumber we are back once again with another exciting Paracord Projects, the no buckle curling millipede paracord survival bracelet.

Not everyone wants a buckle on their wrist right? And sometimes you just want to keep things to work in simplicity. Well, this bad boy is up to the task. Simple yet provides a good amount of cordage in a muscle of style.

This video is from WhyKnot on YouTube. The video instruction is superb as well as the clear and easy to follow step by step instructions.

This method also uses a modified millipede paracord bracelet curled up to perfection. It looks incredibly nice so be sure to use 2 different colors of paracord. Definitely in contrasting colors.

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